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Mission Statement

“We are under new ownership but still hold true to our commitment to create a fun and safe learning environment at Disher Camps, LLC. Our goal is to engage every camper in the game of tennis for life!  We provide lots of positive reinforcement at camp and ample opportunities to earn prizes throughout the day....candy cans, tie dye t-shirts, and more! 

Drills, games, and activities are fun and engaging for every age & level! Groups are limited to 8 campers per counselor (usually less) to keep lines short & moving!

And, in addition to tennis, we offer many exciting off-court activities including a free-swim period for all full-day campers.  I am confident that your child will love our camp - no matter what their prior experience with tennis has been! I truly hope your child can join us this summer!”    

A Snapshot of Tennis Camp = Life Values

Responsibility: Every camper has to keep track of his/her stuff throughout the day. And we frequently transition to different spaces so it is easy to forget something! Our counselors help remind campers about bringing their things and being better stewards of the spaces they visit.

Sportsmanship: Tennis is a sport with winners and losers.   A weekly sportsmanship talk provides the campers with ideas for handling the emotions of competition appropriately and maturely. Counselors reinforce proper sportsmanlike behavior during every drill and game we play!

Perseverance: Many awards, points and prizes are distributed at camp for a variety of things (best dressed camper, giving the greatest effort, having the best attitude, being kind to a friend, Olympic team winners, winning drills & games). We talk a lot about bringing your best effort and attitude all the time, regardless of whether you win a prize or earn points for it.   And campers will occasionally hear me say,  "if you didn't win today, focus even more on your effort and attitude tomorrow!"

Healthy Lifestyle:  It is important for children to get into good habits with their exercise and nutrition at an early age. Tennis is a fun sport that can be played at any level and age.  Take-home tennis tips are posted nightly on facebook.  These provide great ideas for family fun and tennis games - some don't even require a tennis court!  Additionally, a weekly nutrition talk introduces suggestions for healthy snacks and hydration important for active people to implement into their daily routines.