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Common Questions

Q: Does my child have to be vaccinated this summer?

As of February 2023, Emory will remove all COVID-19 vaccine requirements for minors.

I'm not sure if I need extended care yet. Do I have to sign up for it in the online process?
A: You have 2 options:
1.  Sign up for full-day+extended care during the online process.  If you  determine that you actually don't need extended care, notify us as soon as possible so we can transfer you to the full-day session. On the first day of camp, you will be handed a check for the difference in price.
2. Wait to sign up for extended care on the first day of camp. You will be charged the additional $5.00 late registration fee if you choose this option.

Q: I want to sign up for camp in June and August? It appears there are 2 different websites. How do I register for both?

A: To register for camp in June with Disher Camps, LLC, click here
To register for camp in July and August with Browning Camps, click here

Q: Do you recommend that a 5 or 6 year old child sign up for the full-day camp session?

A: Yes! Our 5-6 year-olds are engaged for the full day of camp - and love it! Plus, they will sleep well every night! Please call if you have any specific concerns.

Q: How do you transport the campers to the SAAC pool on Wednesday?
A: Campers will travel on a chartered Emory shuttle. It is a 6 minute ride to the SAAC and the shuttle travels mostly on no-thru-traffic roads.
Q: I would like to request that my child plays on the indoor courts instead of the outdoor courts. Is this possible?
A: We typically place the Swoop's Starters groups on the indoor courts and the High Flyers on the outdoor courts.  Depending on the number of campers in each camp, we might be able to accommodate your individual request. Please email us to discuss possibilities.

Q: Would it be repetitive for a camper to sign up for consecutive weeks of camp?

A: Not at all!  We recommend that if campers are able, they sign up for more than one week to reinforce techniques.  While each week will follow the same progression of skills instruction, our counselors ensure that repeat campers continue to learn, in a stimulating way, while being reminded of the tennis fundamentals.

Q: My child has a friend at camp. Can we request for them to be in the same group?

A: Of Course. Before camp, simply email us with your request or make a note during online registration. And, communicate with us during the week of camp too. We do our best to honor all requests.

Q: What happens when it rains?

A: We have indoor space at both sites. Camp operates in rain or shine! 

Q: How many campers will be placed with each counselor?

A: This summer we will have a 8:1 or better camper to counselor ratio.

Q: Will my camper have the same counselor every day?

A:  Groups will be switched around frequently.  If you have any special requests, please communicate with us.

Q: How do I know if my child is a beginner, advanced beginner or intermediate player?

A:  A beginner has never played tennis before. An advanced beginner has played a little bit but still needs reminders about the basics of tennis strokes. An intermediate player benefits from reinforcement of fundamentals and techniques and may be starting to play in some tournaments.

Typically children 8 and under (Swoop's Starters) are at the beginner and advanced beginner levels but if your 8 year old is at an intermediate level, we can bump him/her up to the High Flyer's (ages 9-14). Simply communicate with us prior to registration.  


Q: My child is a High Flyer (age 9-14) but I'm concerned he/she is too advanced...

A:  If your child holds a Georgia standing or ranking at the following levels, then he/she might be too advanced for our High Flyer's camp:  In the 10's with a standing/ranking of 50 or higher; in the 12's with a standing/ranking of 75 or higher; in the 14's with a standing/ranking of 100 or higher.  However if you can put together a group of 6 kids at the same level, we can run a specialized group for your child and his/her friends!

Q: I went through the online registration process and opted to pay by check. Where do I send the check and how will I know it was received?

A:  Please send the check to 2598 E Tupelo St SE Atlanta GA 30317. You will receive an email confirmation within 2 weeks of payment receipt. Checks are due within 2 weeks of online registration or your spot risks forfeiture and late fees.

Q: What if my child becomes sick or injured at camp?

A: All directors are CPR and First Aid certified.  We will activate our Emergency Action Plan for any camper with a serious injury or illness. The camper’s parent or emergency contact will be called for every emergency.  All parents will be notified about less severe injuries via a take-home injury report.To read more about our safety procedures please click here. We allow make-up days for missed camp due to sickness or injury (not refunds).